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Assurance Of heaven


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Neal Rice    icit.nrr@gmail.com
02-18-2019 12:23:43 PM CST

Much of what I have read from you is good! I tried to read your comparison/ contrast between Paul and Peter but the background made it too difficult. Also, I didn’t see your scriptural reference to substantiate some of your statements against some other preachers, which would be helpful. I know you are not trying to judge and pretend to be God, but some of your comments seem hateful, which is not a characteristic I think you want to put forth. We are running a race, not arguing with folks in the bleachers. God speed. Neal

Jane Wilcox    twiceborn3160@aol.com
03-16-2016 2:45:37 PM CST

I have a question? Did the church start on the day of Pentecost?

Bill Jones
06-27-2015 11:33:42 PM CST
Hello, my name is Bill. My question is, Can I ever lose my salvation, once I'm saved? Thank you.